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Open working environments are extremely appropriate for your cooperation at the office. From time to time, it is necessary to be alone for a call or to concentrate. With the BOW One you easily add this functionality to your office. Our most compact box is suited for one person.

Outside dimensions in centimeters
B 128
D 128
H 249
Modular system Modular
Dutch manufacturing Dutch
Soundproof (33 DB) Soundproof
(33 DB)
2 persons and 60 minutes
is all you need
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Experience the comfort of 33 dB noise reduction

With a noise reduction of 33 dB, our BOW One is a space for concentration. Calling, thinking out loud and deep focus: this is the space where it all happens.

Our sound insulation is made from recycled materials. These keep outside noise outside of the room. The materials also muffle the sound from inside, so you can have your conversations in privacy.


Pleasant and sustainable

We have chosen all materials used in our products with care. The working climate is therefore always pleasant. The moment you step into the boxes, you notice it immediately. Besides that, our boxes are robust and suited for consecutive operational cycles. This makes our product pleasant and sustainable.



The BOW meeting boxes are easily built from loose building blocks. Which are always packed in separate boxes that are easily moved, even through a lift. We provide every meeting box with ventilation, light, and electricity. This whole package paired with one sensor and only one power plug. The moment you plug in the meeting box, it becomes self-sufficient. No additional attention needed.



Our boxes enable you to realise every possible layout of your office-fitout. After a while, this perfect fit could possibly not suit your, at that point developed, organisation. We can then effortlessly adjust these boxes to align with your organisation’s needs again. Reconfiguration is simple and building blocks are, if necessary, permanently available for additional orders. In one word “adjustable”.