Phone Booth Office

Our BOW one is developed to create a workspace where you and your colleagues can work in a private and silent environment. Research has shown that better performance is achieved when people can concentrate themselves in a comfortable working environment. The solid phone booth provides the silence and privacy your colleagues need.

By using acoustic materials, the conversations held in the booth cannot be heard from outside of the phonebooth and conversations outside of the booth cannot be heard from the inside. Besides that, the phonebooth is supplied with lighting and ventilation which provides an optimal working environment.

Outside dimensions in centimeters
B 128
D 128
H 249
Modular system Modular
Dutch manufacturing Dutch
Soundproof (33 DB) Soundproof
(33 DB)
2 persons and 60 minutes
is all you need

Office pod

Because of the many telephone conversations at the office, there has been a demand for quiet workspaces. This demand has increased in recent years, which is the result of the transformation to a more ‘hybrid’ form of working. Partially at home, and partially at the office.

Our phone unit provides a space where you can work concentrated and in privacy while contacting your colleagues at home. The phone booth at the office is one of the best acoustic solutions.

Phone box

The BOW One is the smallest version from our series of standard boxes. The glass door provides an open and spacious effect. The basics of this phone box are built from the same elements as the larger versions. By using acoustic panels, the space in the phone box is as good as soundproof.

If this phone box must become larger after a while, the size of the box can effortlessly be increased. You can easily order additional elements to enlarge the acoustic phone box to a larger space. Come visit one of our showrooms to see the entire catalogue.

A place for phoning

Besides regular phone calls, our BOW One is also particularly suited for video conferencing. Each BOW One is fully equipped to create a great conferencing environment. For example, the phone booth contains a USB port to charge a phone.

Besides that, there is a tabletop to provide space for your laptop or phone for video calls. By use of good acoustic materials the user of the Phonebox can completely concentrate on their video call without any distraction from the outside.


A phonebox at the office has become indispensable at the office since the rising popularity of hybrid working. Our BOW One, the acoustic phonebox, makes sure that you and your colleagues in the teleconference have a place where you can both concentrate on your work or calls. Always provided with a pleasant climate and a tabletop that is highly convenient for video calling.

The advantage of the modular boxes is that these can easily be expanded in the future to provide a larger space for meetings with new colleagues in the future. Should there be a need for a larger space, this unit can effortlessly expand to a larger model.

Visit one of our showrooms

Many words, but BOW mainly stands for actions. Contact one of us for an appointment in one of our ‘showrooms’ to experience our boxes in real life. We have a countrywide network of reference projects which we enjoy showing with pride.