Soundproof cabin

BOW has your dream acoustic work cabin in its range. We provide a wide range of options in this area. From a large work cabin to a more compact variant such as the acoustic phone booth.

The benefits of a soundproof cabin are well known. You can make important telephone calls without being disturbed, but you can also hold meetings. The noise this causes will no longer disturb other colleagues. As a result, they can spend their working time better. The purchase of an office cabin therefore pays off quickly. And everyone goes to work with more pleasure through such a work cabin.

Soundproof cabin
(33 DB)
2 people and 60 minutes is all you need

Soundproof cabin second hand

Some companies first look for a second-hand work cabin. Purchasing a second-hand car would make a difference in price. BOW is sure to offer a new soundproof cabin for sale that fits within your budget. With a brand new work cabin from BOW you buy a quiet space that can be used immediately.

You don't have to make an effort to fix up the soundproof cabin, like with a second-hand one. That time is better spent on more important things. Some crafty business owners want to make a soundproof cabin themselves. BOW specializes in this. We supply you with an office cabin that meets the highest quality requirements. The BOW box is also a cheap solution in the long term. The boxes can be used indefinitely for several office generations and are particularly popular because of their modularity. This way they can be expanded infinitely.

Cost soundproof cabin

BOW has the best products in the 'soundproof cabin' category for sale. The BOW One is the showpiece of mobile acoustic solutions. Of course, the relevant question is what the costs of such a work cabin are. They vary based on the wishes of our customers. That is why it is advisable to request a quote or contact us. We will answer your request as soon as possible. Not all offices have the same amount of available space. We are therefore happy to think along about the best work cabin for your workplace.

Many companies preceded you by investing in a BOW office cabin. You can make better use of your precious working time. And the nicer working climate demonstrably leads to less absenteeism.

Silent Cabin

You can sometimes retreat to a quiet cabin at the office. This may be necessary for demanding work. For a long time it was a requirement to always be present and accessible. It has been proven that this is at the expense of focus. Of increased concentration required in complex tasks such as writing.

An acoustic work cabin offers you this necessary rest and is also fully ventilated. Acoustic means that the walls of the office cabin stop sound. Noise that you are not waiting for if you want to make a plan proposal. Or when you want to talk to an important customer by phone. A quiet cabin from BOW offers you ideal conditions for this.

Acoustic cabin

Many companies can no longer do without their acoustic cabin. They say they are happy with the investment in an acoustic work cabin from BOW. A box that offers space to work undisturbed and fully equipped with, among other things, small details such as a USB port. This brings peace to the workplace. Noisy meetings and conversations can take place in it.

Without an office cabin, these produce unwanted noise for other employees. Some of them are therefore more quickly distracted. This can be disturbing and it can lead to less work performance. This is no longer necessary. BOW has the most ideal soundproof cabin for sale for your company. Our acoustic cabins have a noise reduction of no less than 33 dB. This way you can work undisturbed in peace.

Buy a soundproof cabin

Do you still have doubts about purchasing an office cabin? There are companies that build a soundproof cabin themselves. Which can. The only question then is whether it meets the highest quality requirements.

BOW is a specialist in designing a perfect acoustic work cabin. We guarantee that our office cabin increases the peace of mind on the work floor. Buying a soundproof cabin is therefore a good idea. Your colleagues will be grateful for the improved working climate. With a work cabin from BOW you bring the benefits of working from home to the office.

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Soundproof cabin