Silent workspace

You need complete silence to perform certain tasks at work. This silence is scarce in the workspace nowadays. Our BOW Two offers you the necessary peace and quiet in the open floor plan workspace. BOW Two is an office unit that contributes to a better focus on your work. Our meetingboxes are equipped with noise cancelling materials and are therefore ideal silent workspaces. The BOW Two is a so-called “acoustic silent space”. A silent space where you can focus on your meetings with colleagues. The soundproof walls guarantee that what is discussed remains indoors. Furthermore, the BOW two is ideal for making important phone calls where it is important not to be distracted.

Outside dimensions in centimeters
B 248
D 128
H 249
Modular system Modular
Dutch manufacturing Dutch
Soundproof (33 DB) Soundproof
(33 DB)
2 persons and 90 minutes
is all you need

Concentration workspace

Our BOW Two is the perfect cabin workspace for when maximum concentration is required at work. With this acoustically silent space, we respond to the need for concentration in an open office. Many modern workspaces are designed to be able to maintain visual and auditory contact with each other. Yet the most complex and challenging tasks require one hundred percent concentration. It is desirable if you can withdraw for some time.

The BOW Two has been specially designed for this purpose. It is an office box that proves to provide better results at work. The silent room is ready-made and can be placed in any office.

Silent space office

Contact between employees is important during work. It creates a better office atmosphere and often it is necessary to coordinate the business. If these meetings take place in an open office space, the disadvantage can be that these meetings altogether can add up to a considerable amount of noise. Not all employees thrive in such a working climate, which is a good reason to create quiet workspaces in the open office space. The BOW Two is the best of its kind. It is custom constructed for the purpose of silence and concentration at work.

Focus pod

Our BOW Two is a focus pod. A mobile workspace with acoustic panels that provide peace and quiet. The focus pod is intended to provide better focus at work. To stimulate concentrated work in peace. It is well known that the best ideas arise in isolation from the hustle and bustle that prevails in many places. Real thinking requires the greatest concentration and the BOW Two provides that. In addition, creative tasks such as writing can be performed in this focus unit. Besides that, sometimes important one-on-one conversations also require complete focus. These can also perfectly take place in this luxurious and advanced quiet workplace. The sound-insulating walls of the BOW Two largely block annoying ambient noise.

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