Meeting unit

A soundproof meeting unit in your office has significant advantages. Our BOW Four offers the opportunity to meet with colleagues in peace. It is also obvious that other colleagues no longer have to be bothered by the meetings. Research shows that a soundproof meeting room leads to more effective meetings, in which focus can be maintained for longer. There will be no more nuisance due to disturbing ambient noise. The BOW Four is a welcome acoustic solution against the noisy open-plan office. The sound-insulating walls / acoustic panels of the meeting unit also ensure that the content of what is discussed can remain confidential.

Outside dimensions in centimeters
B 248
D 248
H 249
Modular system Modular
Dutch manufacturing Dutch
Soundproof (33 DB) Soundproof
(33 DB)
2 persons and 120 minutes
is all you need

Meeting cabin

An acoustic meeting cabin is not only suitable for meetings, but also for creating workplaces and spaces for conference calls. Our BOW Four is comfortable, well ventilated, and easy to keep clean. This so-called meeting unit is easy to customise according to your wishes. Depending on the customisation, the meeting room can be made suitable for one to four people.

As standard, our adaptable meeting unit is equipped with, among other things, sensors for lighting and ventilation, glass walls, power socket, and USB ports (3 ports). In addition, our specialists are happy to discuss any alternative wishes you may have. Contact us for free advice or obtain more information on our site.

Acoustic meeting room

The walls of our BOW Four are sound absorbing. Which means they pick up disturbing ambient noise that could disrupt important meetings. The solution to an acoustic problem. Sometimes you want to be able to discuss certain matters privately and in peace. An acoustic conference cabin makes this possible. Optimal working conditions are thus within reach, with correspondingly good results as a result.

The BOW Four also ties in with our brain's need to focus on a task for a longer period of time. An acoustic meeting room keeps distractions away much better. This gives you and your colleagues more peace of mind, which contributes to an overall calm office atmosphere. View all models below.

Mobile meeting room

Our BOW Four is a mobile meeting place. This means that this meeting unit is easy to move. In addition, no renovation is necessary to add it to your office space (in an open office). The meeting cabin is placed in an open space. With our mobile meeting spot, you are no longer tied to the fixed room structure. It is possible to keep giving the BOW Four a different desired place in the workspace.

Connecting and disconnecting the meeting box is very simple. Everything has been made to keep the acoustic meeting room as flexible as possible. An employer is legally obliged to provide a good workplace for its staff. As far as mobile meeting rooms are concerned, this flexible meeting room meets the highest possible quality requirements and everything has been taken into account.

Buy a meeting unit

Buying a meeting unit like the BOW Four is an excellent idea for several reasons. This acoustic meeting room is the highest quality of its kind. Produced with as many recyclable materials as possible. For example, it is equipped with sound-proof glass and a perfectly closing door. The modern design ensures that this soundproof meeting unit also looks good. It is therefore also extremely suitable for receiving clients, for example, who will get an excellent impression of your company.

Besides that, the BOW Four is designed to ensure a pleasant working climate. Investing in this acoustic meeting cabin pays off in many ways. Besides the impressive modern look, meeting time will be spent more effectively. The better focus as a result of the soundproofing will lead to better ideas.

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